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Bubble have ffmpeg for convert and create video?

Hi all!
Maybe who know bubble have ffmpeg package on server?
I want create app with upload video in my app and convert to .mp4 and 3 different quality like in YouTube, 360p, 480p, 720p
Thank you for answers and best regards!

I don’t think this is possible with bubble (it would need a ton of capacity). But you should be able to use an API to accomplish this.

Maybe i can install this package in my instance app?
@emmanuel you can answer on my question?

Yeah it is not possible, use API or use AWS or any server and create your own API if you want then connect it to bubble app.

Bubble, does not not give you any access to your app server in that way ( no ssh)

Thank you very match!)

Hi… sorry to post on an old threat… but is this possible with the Bubble API connector and an AWS server? Alternatively, If my host had ffmpeg installed, could I use the Bubble API connector to achieve this or would I need to custom API for the job? If it’s a custom job, what sort of price would be a fair price? I know this is probably a stupid question but I’m a bit of a noob and This is a make or break for my app.

Thanks in advance for any help


Maybe try CloudConvert and see what the pricing comes out to for your use-case. They do a base credit usage for the initial API call, then every minute it takes to convert your video it uses one credit.


Thanks for the suggestion… I looked into to cloudconvet and it’s far more expensive. I suspect that they’re built on cloud computing and they’re a middleman. I’m trying to cut out the middle man. The way I look at it, if I pay for a custom API and use aws I’ll save myself a tonne in the long run and the app I’m planning will be media heavy… I expect to be converting thousands of files a day.

Yea then you would need to do what @LinuxUser suggested, they said use an API (like CloudConvert) or AWS meaning you are essentially making your own CloudConvert equivalent. That of course has it’s own development costs…

That’s what I was thinking to do but I was just wondering if the Bubble API connector that’s available would do the trick or if I’d need someone to create one for me.

The API Connector would be sending the request to an external service, it just comes down to do you want your own external service made by you (using AWS or GC) or would you want someone else’s.

Ahhh so I don’t need an API written for me, I can just use Bubble API connector?

Is so then excellent, AWS have off the shelf services for ffmpeg which suits me better.

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Yes the Bubble API Connector is just used to make the POST/GET/etc requests.

So your AWS service needs a publicly available URL and needs to understand the call being made to it. Maybe that’s what you mean by

Maybe you do need the whole API written just on the AWS side

I would imagine you need to have some logic on the AWS side to authenticate the API calls, as well as some kind of webhook system so when your conversion is done after a certain amount of minutes your AWS service makes a POST request to your Bubble app letting it know it is done with a URL.

Personally I have not done anything like that but I’m taking a guess :laughing:

Also keep in mind Bubble has a 50MB file size limit on API called files (not to mention Bubble storage is expensive), I think while you are at it you should integrate AWS S3 for your storage if you are working with tons of video.

did you ever find a solution for this?