Add credit cards

Is there a plugin or a way for users to add credit cards and be able to choose which to use when paying like this:

I have not seen a plugin that can do that, but if you want to take Card Payments you can use Stripe or Braintree. Braintree is similar to that.

This is totally possible without any code, In fact I do it in my app. You use the stripe.js plugin to create a customer and save the card to them. Then use the API calls to retrieve the card.

If you intend on doing this, I wouldn’t recommend you store the payment details.

Yes you should not store any sensitive information in the Bubble database. That’s why you encrypt the card data before sending it to the Stripe servers. You can do all this with the Stripe.js plugin.

You can do that by using the Payment Intents API to use the new SCA environment, or create your own design if you have low risk excempted payments, you can read more about that in the documentation.

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Hey @eduKit

Check this video, it might be useful to you


I’ve seen this video and the information is very helpful. What I do prefer is creating a customer only when a token is created to prevent unneccessary steps and duplicate customers

Be careful with the * 100 part when it comes to cents/dollars or pence/pounds (depending on your currency) as the latest version of the Stripe.js plugin no longer requires the multiplication of the credited amount, I found that out the hard way! (as seen in that video at 15mins 20sec)

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