Create Stripe Customer without Collecting CC

Anyone know of a way to create stripe customer using the Bubble stripe plugin (so that it is properly linked to a user) without collecting card info?

I need to be able to add an invoice item before the use subscribes to a plan, but I don’t want the user to have to add their card info until they are on the subscription page.

Any workarounds?

It is definability possible via the stripe API.

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@ankur1 Yeah that’s what I’m probably going to end up doing. If I create the customer that way I can’t add the customer ID to the invisible field that the Stripe plug-in uses though, so it’s all or nothing.

If I go down this route I will have to rebuild out entire payment system using the actual stripe API calls. Probably should have done this from the start in retrospect, I just have a lot of building invested in getting the plugin to work so sucks to throw that all out.

@aj11 Experiment with the subscribe the user Bubble plugin action. I think it may create a Stripe customer id even if the customer did not add a cc and pay.

Please do share your findings if this works :smiley:

It still redirects to the CC page regardless, which is the issue. Not ideal workflow for getting payment from a new customer.

@aj11 Perhaps you can place a request for this action to be added to the plugin. The idea section of this forum is a place for these types of requests. Another one is the main thread for this plugin which is this one: [Plugin Announcement] Stripe Plugin v3

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@aj11 yeah, that’s true. You either have to use a plugin or API in your case.

I always prefer working with “anything apart from plugins”, that way I am not dependent on plugin offerings.

BTW the stripe plugin is great and awesome for lots of use cases but these sort of specific use case limit the power of plugins.

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Has anyone figured out a way to accomplish this? I have an app that creates invoices for certain customers within Stripe, but I’m unable to do so unless they have already saved a CC to their account. I’d love the ability to create a customer and save their Stripe Customer ID to the built-in field in bubble users without them having to input a CC first.

I realize it’s possible with the copilot to create a Stripe customer, but I’m unable to save it to the user account.

Build your integration directly with Stripe API via the API connector. This is too important and critical an aspect of your app to use a cookie cutter plugin for.

In an ideal world I would have built my app that way from the beginning. I have integration using the API, but all of the integrations rely on the Stripe ID saved in the bubble user type. I’m wondering if there is a way to connect a Stripe customer to the native Stripe customer ID field built into bubbles users. I ask because I don’t have time to rebuild my entire infrastructure at the moment.

Export the customers with their emails.
Export your users with their emails.
Match them in excel (pretty sure you can automate this somehow).
Upload resulting list of stripe Ids and unique ids to Bubble database using “modify” to map the fields.

Not 100% this will work, but I think it would.

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Not a bad idea. I’ll give it a shot.

Another alternative is to build a recursive workflow to go through all your users and save their Stripe IDs onto a text field

@nate8 What Carolos said makes so much more sense. Just create a Stripe API call to get customer by email, then save the result. Run it as a bulk workflow.