Add "Current Page Title" to Insert Dynamic Data

The “Current Page Name” field has underscores between the words, so could another option be added to the Dynamic Data values to be able to select the current page title?


Where would you use this?

My current use case is a breadcrumb. At a minimum I want to show the index page, which is static, and the current page dyanmically. I’ve built a reusable element that shows the index page (home) along with the current page name.

Here’s a couple screenshots

URL for “Home” page

URL for “How it Works” page

Best case scenario – which I think would require development on your part and not something I’m currently requesting – I would like to be able to add three or more levels. For instance, I have a “Request” page that shows one unique request, and a “Requests” page that shows all of the unique requests in a repeating group, but so far I can only show the “Request” page.

URL for unique request on “Request” page

Current breadcrumb, that doesn’t show the

What I would ideally like to be able to do

Home > Requests > Add kanban to the application so users can create a todo list

Another use case would be for dynamically displaying the Page Title on the page. You could create a reusable element, add it to all of the pages, and reduce the maintenance of Page Title changes.


I’ll think about it. The issue is that the title can by dynamic, so it’s not super straightforward. No promise.


I would like to see this as well. Allow me to add a dynamic title in the header for a page via a reusable element.

Add me in as wanting to see this functionality.

Anyone else figure out a decent work around for this? Thinking if really really terrible workarounds for my fairly simple use case (like having multiple strings that only show up for the pages they belong to pages…)

I’d like to see a way to do this as well. @emmanuel is there any workaround or method for this? I’d like to display the page name in the header dynamically, but as @Kfawcett said, the “Current Page Name” has underscores.

I would also like to see this feature added.

@jordan.shotwell: A workaround is to set a conditional page title text for every page name.

@maestro what exactly do you mean? Do you have a screenshot of something like that?

What I want to do is insert the page name in the header of my page, which is a reusable element.

I understand. You can put a (reusable) text element in your header.
Then got to conditional tab of that text element and set current page’s name as a condition to show a different text. (i.e. current page name = “index” -> text = Home).

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Worked like a charm @maestro! Thank you!

Great @jordan.shotwell Happy to help! :slight_smile:

This feature is a part of bubble now.

Note that the option, will only be available in reusable elements. So you will NOT see ‘Current Page Name’ as an option in dynamic data, unless editing reusable elements. (this confused me for a moment though it is said in the documentation)

Just wanted to revisit this conversation. Would love to be able to display Current Page’s Title in a Reusable Element that features as a kind of header at the top of the page as this is something other web solutions (e.g., WordPress/Elementor) support.

Wouldn’t current page name work in a text element inside the reusable?

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Unfortunately, no because it includes hyphens due to it being used for page navigation. Plus, it can only use lower case letters out of the box.

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Joining this request.

My use case is showing a list of online users / friends and which page they are browsing.

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Adding to this. The Bubble Reference talks about “Current Page NAME” not “Current Page TITLE”. They are different. NAME is basically the slug at the end of the URL. For the “index” page (which can’t be renamed but can have any TITLE you want, in my app I have named it “Guides Roster”), calling the dynamic data “Current Page name” will return “index” rather than “Guides Roster”.
Similarly, on the “Profile” page I have created the slug “profile” will be returned instead, and on the “Guides Admin” page the slug “guides-admin” will be displayed instead. This is problematic when I want to use the (reusable) header element on every page to display the current page TITLE along with the currently logged in user, e.g. for my index page I want “Guides Roster | Welcome Aaron” be shown, which would update to “Profile | Welcome Aaron” for the profile page and “Guides Admin” for the guides-admin page. But instead this element shows “index | Welcome Aaron”, changing to “profile | Welcome Aaron” and “guides-admin | Welcome Aaron” respectively.

Hello, my English is not very good but I solved it by doing this


Here I have a reusable element whose function is a header that shows the name of the page, as you commented, it sometimes showed dashes or symbols, normally underscore and hyphen
As in my case it only shows an underscore, use the option that says “find and replace” it works like this (in the text it will search for what is mentioned and replace it)


you can’t see it, but where it says “replaced by” there is a “space”
finally your function will be “in the name you are calling” it will replace all the hyphens and put an empty space

I hope it works for you :grin: