New Plugin - Dynamic Page Title

Hey everyone!

we have just released the “Dynamic Page Title” plugin.
This plugin allows you to add a dynamic page title to the pages within your application. You can choose the effect that should be used as well as the delay between the different titles. Having a dynamic page title will make your application stand out in the user’s browser and allows you to display more information than when using a static title.

Plugin page:

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Noel from Anticode

Really nice! Is it possible to change the page title dynamically based on a url parameter?

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Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but that’s quite easily done in native Bubble.

A dynamic expression can be used for the Page title property of the page element…

With a “Do every x seconds” and some conditions, it should be possible to update it at regular intervals as well.


Something to bear in mind, though, is that the list of items in the “Window” menu (on a Mac at least) also updates, and since the window titles in that list are alphabetical, the changing title causes the list of menu items to constantly shift as they are re-sorted when the page title changes, which has the potential to be quite annoying.

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Dude… the simplest things. I have a one page app so I’m already passing the current page title to the url. Works perfectly.




our plugin allows you to set 3 different words/sentences to be dynamically displayed, as well as the delay between them and the effect that should be applied. As @sudsy mentioned, you could probably do something using native features, however as far as I am aware you would not be able to set the delay or any kind of effect.

Noel from Anticode

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For examples of the two other effects please visit:

In regards to your comment on the delay, this is already a native function in Bubble and is something I currently use for my web applications. All you do is set a “when page is loading” condition and you can change the title to “loading…” or something else.

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