Add dynamic data to html element

Hi All,

I wonder if there is a way to add dynamic data to a html element that is in a repeating group.

The html code is stored in a text field in the apps data.

How do I get this to work, or is there a completely different way of doing this?

Thanks in Advance


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Hi Yon,

Seems like in the HTML element, you could just do “Current Cell’s HTML” - HTML being the text field with the code. Try that!

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Hi Gaby, thanks for your response. I have tried that method previously. I am now wondering if html shouldn’t be used in the text data type field as it may be altered into a single line format.

Ok, so I managed to get this to work.

It seems the problem was that when you paste multi-line code into the text data type field it will output in a single line format, this in turn messes up the code syntax and so will not output properly.

To resolve this I used a online compressor tool that made compliant single line code.

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Hi, If I have a custom HTML with a mp3 file that plays automatically when i click a button. Would having a conditional state work? Trying to create a sound board :slight_smile:

great tip thank you !

It’s been years for you but can I know which one?