Html + Javascript (with dynamic data) inside repeating group

Hey all,
So I’m working on a music education app. I have a nifty little audio player, using HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and I want to display them on the user’s profile, so every-time they upload a new audio track, it would appear on their profile, the design stays the same, only the content changes. I have an HTML element with the JavaScript inside a tag, and inside a repeating group.

The JavaScript has the track infos, with dynamic data, and it appears to find the data I need, only that it shows only the first one it finds, and it only displays that one. So right now I have three uploaded track for testing, and all three shows up as only one track in the preview, even if I hit play on one, it plays all of them cause it’s like 1 track repeated 3 times. I’ve put a basic text element in the RG, and it displayed nicely the title of the uploaded tracks, one after the other. I’m wondering if you guys can help me out, what am I missing here? Or if it can be achievable? Thank you!