How To Show An Element from A Reusable

Hi Bubbly Friends…
I have a page with a repeating group. The repeating group has a context menu I’ve built as a reusable element. When I click the … i get a menu and can open a popup window to edit the Thing I’m repeating on.
I also have a picture. When I click the picture I’d like be able to show the same popup window to edit the thing.
But I’m unable to access the popups that are in the reusable element from the main page’s workflows.
Can anyone help me think through how to include the reusable element such that I can access the popup screens from the reusable element?

Can you maybe make a second reusable element (duplicated from your original)? Except change the “menu icon” to a dynamic picture that “when clicked, opens the popup.”

Heya @Mike26, you can certainly activate workflows from the page on a reusable element, e.g. show popup (custom workflows).

Shake it example

The trouble comes when you want to run a workflow or access data from a repeating group, as the Bubble editor does not know… what will be in the repeating group or which one to select. It helps if you can reference the data you want in some other fashion (e.g. repeating groups data source 4th item). Visual below :).


Thanks for reading and suggesting ideas. Okay maybe it will work, but that seems to defeat the purpose of having a reusable element if i have to create all those objects again.

hi dan. Thanks for the answer. Sounds like you know what you’re doing :slight_smile: However, I am having a hard time following you. Let’s take the two ideas you share, one at a time.

On the first part, how do you reference the reusable element from the Page?
When I show an element, I can only choose from the elements on the Page. :woozy_face:

You can create a ‘custom workflow’ in the reusable element.

On the main page you can then trigger that workflow from a reusable element, through say, an action or button (or picture element).

You won’t be able to reference the ‘element’ within the reusable element from the main page unfortunately, but you can access the custom actions from within that reusable element to show a popup.

Thanks @DjackLowCode this worked perfectly.
The reusable element is already built to use the parent’s thing invoking this show element from a reusable element is the perfect solution to my problem. thanks for the support.

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