Add "floating relative to" options in conditional formatting tab for floating groups

If it’s an easy fix, it would be awesome to add the options of floating position relative to top, bottom, left, right, none as the element properties that can be set for floating group elements in the conditional formatting tab when conditions are met.

this will allow us to achieve many ‘responsive type’ things e.g. displaying floating items on the side when page is certain width and not otherwise, have floating groups act as normal groups till certain scrolling position and then float relatively to top or bottom etc.


Unfortunately, it’s not super easy fix, as it impacts how we position things on the page, which happens early in the process. We’ll think about it though.

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I second this.

I’m designing a “native app” to look iOS-ish, so it’s got a navigation bar at the bottom.

If I don’t float it, then it’s not responsive to different screen sizes. If I do float it relative to top, it’s again not responsive. If I float it relative to bottom, then it’s responsive, but when it’s viewed on desktop it’s all the way down at the bottom of the screen even if the app itself is only 640px tall.

At this point I don’t have to worry about it because we’re prioritizing mobile. Eventually I’ll need to fix it and all I can think of at this point is a redundant navigation bar that’s set to a different float and each made visible/invisible based on how wide the screen is.

Being able to just set a condition “when on mobile, float bottom” would be great.

Actually, I can’t do that two-menu idea because I have to convert it into a reusable element that can be put into the two different floating groups. But a reusable element can’t address elements outside of itself. Since I’m building a “native app” I have to navigate by setting a custom state. The only custom state I can access from inside a reusable navigation bar is the navigation bar itself and if I have two copies of it I can’t set the other element conditions clearly.


Could you tell more about this. What I understood is you change a floating group position depending on the window size with a custom state. If so can you explain more, knowing that I don’t know much about custom states.


Ended up solving the problem myself. Shared feature with the community as the Better Floater plugin referred to in the post:


haha ok. btw what I was looking for works with Vertically float relative to: Bottom and moving the item at the bottom of the page. maybe the post was older than this feature. thanks anyway

can you use url parameters to navigate if reusable object?