Possible to have a sticky floating group fixed until scroll points, then float alongside content?

Hi Guys,

I have been playing around with the floating group and really would like to mimic the example below, where the floating group stays in a fix position until the user starts scrolling, then it will float along the side bar and stop scrolling after a set position e.g. reaching bottom or footer content, without overlaying onto other elements?

An example of what I’d like to achieve: https://codepen.io/AndrewGehman/pen/GjBRVw


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I use copies of a group and I hide/show them at a certain scrolling position. First a regular group and then a floating group and again a regular group. You have to try it with different values to get right and look smooth. It’s not optimal but it works when you have found the exact values.


Thanks for the tip - good workaround. I could like you said use 2 groups, one normal and one floating, also added with a repeatable element so I dont duplicate elements, good thinking.

Its a shame we can add a condition to a floating group so that when scrolling position is x or y, we can set the float relative to e.g.
We could then use one element right. Might suggest in the ideas section.


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This has already been discussed and unfortunately, it wasn’t a super easy fix according to Emanuel. It would bo so good with such a feature.

Any updates on this @emmanuel?


Ah right, thanks for confirming. Hopefully the idea can come to life as would prove to be a super handy condition.

Hmm, this maybe in an imminent Bubble announcement, but just noticed a new option in the Floating Group element that addresses this very option


I’ve tried it though beneath the page and with transparency on backgrounds, but not displaying still.

Just tested on a new page, with the floating group set beneath and no display either.

@luke2 I think the better floater plugin should work like a charm for this :smiley: Check out the walkthrough video to see all you could do with it


Hey @gaurav

Awesome, thanks for confirming.

When I saw you had developed a plugin specifically for improving the inbuilt floating elements and checked out the demo, I knew its a must buy :+1: Will check out.

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Just found another way to do it when I was trying to make an existing group float. Right click on the group -> replace by another type -> floating group

Worked like a charm for me

Hi Ranjitbhhinge,

Could you please elaborate your demonstration because I am still a newbie.


This topic needs attention :frowning: