Add Gmail integration (oauth + send emails) to your app

Add Gmail integration and send emails from your Bubble app.

The functionality to add Gmail mail sending capabilities in a Bubble app is complicated. Apart from the OAuth process for email sending capabilities, Google mail requires btoa (string to base64) conversion. Running this API call directly in Bubble API Connector will not work.

We have received tons of requests/questions on how can you add GMail integration and enable email send capabilities in your Bubble app.

Happy to report, we have solved this for all Bubble users :slight_smile:

  • Pathfix will handle the oauth process
  • We handle the bota conversion for gmail send calls

Here is a link to the detailed documentation using the Bubble API Connector.

Here is a quick look at how the API Connector setup will look:



Hey Ron

Maybe a stupid question, but what exactly does this mean from a use-case perspective?

More specifically: Can I through this setup use Gmail to send transactional emails instead of e.g. Sendgrid?

Hey @maja-overgaard this means you can add Gmail integration natively in your app and allow your users to connect their Google accounts and send emails from your Bubble app.

It could be used as a replacement but formatting the email through code will still be hell. However, a lot of systems do use mail as internal transactional notifications and auto email validation use cases.

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Hey, I love the plugin but how can I get it to send rich text in an email? Currently, I can only get it to send basic text strings.

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Will this work for letting my users schedule emails to go out too? I noticed some of the other gmail bubble plugins break when trying to activate flows, schedule apis etc via the backend.

Any follow up on this?