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[PLUGIN] - Gmail API | Read, Receive and Send Emails

Hello everyone, this plugin is a full Gmail-API solution for everyone needing a Google implementaiton in their app.

Some plugin features:

  • Read list of emails
  • Read single email (by ID)
  • Send email
  • Send email with attachment
  • Send email to trash

Of course the User’s Gmail email and account ID is retrieved and can be used in ‘Login with a Social Network’

For a demo please visit: Demo

For documentation please visit: Docs

Please reply to this for any question or inquiry you mau have! Also I can help you with implementation into your app!


Does it work with alias?

Yes! It is connected with your Gmail account and any linked aliases you may have.
However sending emails with alias is not implemented.
Try the demo and see if it works for you!

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Thanks :blush: will give it a try.

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Gmail API - Update 1.4.1

New and exciting stuff for the plugin:

  • Get account alias
  • Send emails with alias from you account
  • Get full threads by ID
  • List labels from inbox
  • Create new labels (text color an background color included!)
  • Render email into full HTML (see demo to understand how)

Be sure to update your plugin and check out the demo to see how to implement it


Gmail - API - Update 1.6.0

This update removes the built-in Oauth implementation from Bubble. Instead the access token & refresh token is implemented. Never get disconnected again from Google Services!

New features:

  • Gmail Element
  • Automatic Catch Token
  • Automatic Exchange Token
  • Access Token
  • Refresh Token

With Gmail Element, user profile retrieve is more easy than ever.
Gmail Element is also responsible to catch and refresh tokens.


Step 1 . Add the Gmail element into your Editor. Set any element to be your ‘click to login’ and set the action ‘Oauth Login’ from Gmail element
Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 2.23.11 PM

Step 2. Add the Event called ‘Gmail has valid response’.

  • Create an account for someone else (check the return user if exists box)
  • Set the User’s data with the returned values from the Gmail Element
  • Assing a temp password to user from step 1
  • Log the user in. Email: Result from step 1, password: result from step 3

Step 3. Now everytime you’re running an action that requires verification you should do this two things.

  1. All calls contain ‘access_token’ so you should place the current user’s access_token
  2. Always run a verification for expired tokens when your user is logged in. If token is expired, refresh token and change Current User’s access_token



I have this plugin setup but I want to send a formatted email. For example, send the contents of a rich text editor (bulleted lists, text formatting, etc). The send email action only lets me send basic strings of text.

Is this possible and I’m doing something wrong? Or could this be added in to the plugin if it’s not?


is there a functional demo & editor for this plugin? links are all broken and the editor doesn’t include the gmail page.

Docs: Documentation | Gmail API - Receive and Send Emails
In the demo try to login and refreshing if it doesn’t load the gmail apperance the first time.

Tested 14/Feb/2022 in Chrome 98.0.4758.102 in macOS 10.14.6 and worked perfectly!

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the “editor of this page” link in the demo you just responded with links to a different editor that doesn’t include the gmail page. Also, the auth button on the demo page is being blocked by google.

Sorry about that. Editor page link corrected.

Also, can you share screenshot of the block by google?

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okay the editor is correct now, but there is no generic redirect checkbox in the plugin page for this paid plugin like there is for the free version, it’s only defined on the page element which is contrary to the documentation and a dealbreaker functionality wise.

How do I go about submitting for a refund? this plugin is a mess.

It appears you’ve not read the documentation. It clearly states that an “Element will catch and exchange the token”. There’s no OAuth involved, since token expires after a certain amount of hours and you can’t keep the user logged in with Bubble’s own system

Here are the facts:

  • I have read the documentation, I even pointed out a discrepancy in the documentation which hasn’t been addressed.

  • your demo editor link was broken.

  • your demo was producing an error when I tried to use it (that has nothing to do with my config). I provided a screenshot when requested. That has not been addressed either.

Here are some more discrepancies I’d like to point out:

  1. The editor you have posted here is not using the same API calls as have been published with the plugin I paid for. They are denoted by “(testing)”, and include different parameters. image

  2. In your documentation, the “List Emails” call expects maxResults and q parameters, but in your config, and the currently published plugin, access token is also expected.


  • However, when populated, it throws an error both in your demo and in my config: image
  1. You indicated in your screen recording that no emails appear because there are no emails in that inbox, however, it’s clearly evaluating the error seen above.

Is there a working demo of the actual published version of this plugin, or updated documentation? Can you provide any screenshots or proof that the list emails call actually works?

@luc.simp Yes, some of the documentation may not be up to date! Sorry about that.
I really don’t know what else I can do for you (I’ve tried 2 different accounts and they work with List Emails)
I don’t see your email in the DB, so I’m not sure what’s happening there.
Here’s (the second) proof of the demo working:

If you can get Bubble support to refund you, that’s fine for me. I can’t do it myself, I don’t have access to that


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Hi, is it possible to send formatted text/html emails via this plugin?


The pluggin used to work, but now I can’t login. I copied the exact same workflow then your editor (oath login, and then when Gmail A response is valid, create the user etc. I takes me to the oath screen, and then redirects me to my bubble app as it’s supposed to do. However, nothing happens, except the update in the expire date. About to become crazy. Do you know what went wrong?


so, is this working or not?
Is there alternatives to send (gmail but not only) emails?