Help Needed with Repeating Group

Hi everyone, I’m creating a website that has to do with job posting but whenever I click the button to post a job which triggers (Create a thing(job)) in the workflow, an empty space is created even before I input the data into the job posting page.

What’s troubling me most is that even when I don’t input any data on the posting page, the empty repeating group doesn’t go away( It remains in the job search page). I don’t want the repeating group to display the empty field when no data has been populated

Please, kindly help me solve this issue. Thanks!

As you’ve mentioned, whenever the “post a job” button gets clicked, it creates a job.

Your repeating group’s data source is jobs so it’s displaying the recently created job it’s just that the recently created job doesn’t have any data in its fields that’s why it looks like an empty space

There are two ways you could solve this:

  1. Do not create a job first when the post a job button is clicked. Just redirect the user to the job posting job which I assume are lists of inputs for the details of the job. In the job posting page, you would have a create a job button which would trigger a workflow to create a job along with attaching the details from the inputs

  2. Create another field in the job data type that says completed or something. Add a constraint to your search in the repeating groups job wherein the completed is “yes”. In your job posting page, after a user added all the details, you would then change the completed status to yes. Doing so would then display the job in your repeating group.

I suggest you go with the first route though to prevent creation of jobs with empty details. Plus, it would reduce the overall number of fields in the job data type compared to adding a completed status

Hope this helps

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