Repeating group add item from button

So I thought I solved it last night but I thought wrong, and I can’t edit original post so hence the new one, I’m trying to add a item to a repeating group when a button is clicked, its for a Invoice system. So for example when you fill out the search box for the item that’s already been created once you click on the Add Item Button it then gets put into the invoice where it shows what services happened and cost and description of what happened. I just can’t seem to figure out the workflow for making it only show that item when that button is clicked then clears its self when the invoice is saved or the pop up is closed. Any help figuring this Workflow out would be much appreciated

This is a very basic example for you to get an idea of how to do it.

I used custom state on the page.

So I tried this with a custom state with out the create new data because the data is already created and stored through a New Items pop up so the company can keep all their items stored, but that didn’t work it just keeps displaying all the items in the database

I got it done have to use a Items Database and a Invoice Items Database so when they search for it they can pull it and it creates a new Invoice Item and then once the Invoice gets saves it deletes the Invoice Items Data so it clears the receipt

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