Add more data to a repeating group


We are trying to get our data in several calls to our API.
Each time we get 30 more entries, and we would like to add it to our repeating group’s list.

Right now it just replace the data and we have only our 30 new entries instead of having 60 entries after 2 calls.

How can we add more data to an existing repeating group ?

Thank you for helping us

Try use custom state’s to manage your data.
For example, you can create 2 list of your data type as custom state in this element. List 1 and List 2, set source of Repeating group as “Your RG: List 1: add list: Your RG: List 2” this return sum of this 2 list.
At the same time when you load your data from api, set your List 1 data to List 2 and set new data to custim state List 1.
Ans this should work as you described.

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It’s way better thanks to your solution!
Thank you :slight_smile:

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