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Showing API call data in repeating group

Hi, I need to show 3 different data types in one repeating group. I set the repeating group, data source is the API call and I have 3 text fields in the RG. It works well but the problem is it consumes 3 API calls instead of 1. I can store the data in a custom state which is only 1 API call but I can’t figure out how to fill the data into the RG without using database (it’s too slow).
Can I set the RG dada source to multiple custom states somehow?

Hi, you mean API is called when the RG is loaded or page is loaded?

And basically 1 API call return those 3 data types whereas your repeating group needs to make 3 different calls to same API to get the 3 data separately? Although 1 API call is enough.

Your repeating group’s data source is the API call?

If this is the case I ran into almost same situation.

You can try this,

  1. Make the repeating group’s data source empty.
  2. In your workflow action (making the API call), you will define the repeating groups data in the next step after calling the API (Element action > Dispay data in a repeating group).

This is how you will get all the data in the repeating group in 1 call.

And you can share your workflow, repeating group etc. to make it more clear if it does not solve the problem.

Someone surely will help.

@kazimdgoni That works well. I set the repeating group’s data source empty and displayed the data source in the workflow. Thanks!

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Glad to hear it’s working. You are most welcome. Good luck with your project.:dart::+1: