Update Repeated Group Data using Multiple API

Hi Guys,

I have a repeated group which needs to display List of mails got per creator. I am getting list of mails per creator from Different API’s from airtable DB. All these creators names are Listed in my Side menu bar and on click of the Name I want to call particular api and Load the data into Repeated group. Is there any way I can re use the same created Repeated Group?

Or should I create 1 Repeated group per creator?

Kindly help me out here @doug.burden @vini_brito

Thank you in advance


Thank you for responding @Cosmic.Steve but in my case all API’s return the same data type and in same format. When I click on each of the creators names on my Side bar menu it’ll call the particular API and it should load the response which are essentially same format and data type, only data is different.

Also another question is if I have 20 creators will I have to create 20 RG?

Attaching a screenshot of my UI for reference

The Left side where you see “Naved Qureshi” is a creator name, When I click on it it loads the RG to the Right, Next on Click on any of elements on the RG it loads the last part.

Here is the scenario:

When I click Element 1 → it should call API 1 and display the data in RG
When I Click Element 2 → it should call API 2 and display the data in same RG but not show the previous API data.
When I click on Element 3 → It should call API 3 and display the data in same RG but not show the previous API’s data.

Can this be addressed in this solution @Cosmic.Steve

API 1 , API 2 and API 3 are different API Endpoints with same parameters and structure, just the 3 end points are different. @Cosmic.Steve

It is to be noted that the response should be of the creator button I click, they should not coming all 3 API’s response

@Cosmic.Steve I did a lot of research and looks like your second solution will not work too. The solution you provided will combine the responses of all 3 API and show it in the RG. I don’t want that.

I want Every API response to be shown in Same RG (Similar to re using of fragments in Android) where we don’t have to create multiple List views we make use of the same Listview to show multiple API responses.

Hope this gives better clarity @Cosmic.Steve

You could potentially run everything through a backend api connected through the api connector.
Backend api pulls the data from the different sources then returns it in a single datatype

@chad I get that, but how can you make it display data in same RG? The idea is to reuse the RG instead of having many RG’s for many API’s?

Appreciate your help.

Thank you.

The rg source would be the datatype of your backend workflow after you initialise it in the api connector

Basically your creating an intermediary api that returns the data from all of your actual api sources

@chad apologies for sounding dumb. but since I am a newbie to this I couldn’t really understand what you meant.

My Question :

I have RG 1
When I click a button API 1 endpoint is called and data is loaded to RG1
When I click button 2 Another API 2 Endpoint is called and the data is loaded to RG1
like wise.

These buttons are in the same screen basically. So instead of creating multiple RG’s to load data from multiple endpoints can we use the same?


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