Add multiple items to custom state

Hello Guys,

I am trying to add multiple items to the custom state list. I cant use :plus item for each item because i want to add around 100 items to the list.

It would be super easy if bubble provides :plus list option.



Some folks use elements instead of custom states. A repeating group provides more options than a custom state list

Set an rg in a hidden popup (pop ups always load to the page even if you do not plan to open them)
Set it’s type of content and leave the data source empty so that you can :plus item :minus item while on the page browser session
Name it “data - list of things”
Use it just like a custom state but with more power because you can add conditions, sort it’s data, filter it’s data.


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@cmarchan looks like a nice idea i will give it a try. Thanks!

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