Add multiple type of answer option in a repetive group


I’m looking for making possible for an admin to progressively build his form: he has to be able to add question even if the form is already published
But the problem is that the type of answer that the user can use are differents, which are:
-A basic text input
-A scale button (a white shape that the user slide from the right to the left to measure something)
-A checkbox
-Some radio buttons

So, when adding a new question, the admin can chose what kind of answer will appear in the repetive group, like a dropdown that will allow him the chose the kind of answer he wants

Is that possible?

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Hey @clement,
I’m not sure if this is what you are asking for.
But you should be able to do this using custom states. Just stack the form questions and make them visible based on what current state is.

I’m not exactly sure what your question is so send some screen shots and Maybe that will help us come to a solution

Thanks for your help
I will illustrate my problem

The admin has this kind of form to fill (the slide button on the left isnt important), in the input he write the question that will appear in the form, and he chose between the two checkboxes what kind of answer will appear under the question: if this will be a simple text input, or if the user will have to answer the question through a slide button
He clicks on the purple button on the right and then :

Instead of the input in the repetitive group that you can see, there should be the type of answer the admin has chose ahead: if he had check the checkbox “slide button” then a slide button should appear
But if, for another question he checked the input checkbox, a text input should be added to the repetitive group
So, in the repetitive group, some questions will have an input, other will have a slide button, it depends on what the admin has chosen when he created the question

Interested to see the solution