Create form depending of previous answers

Hello Bubblers,

I’m new here and i tried the app for a bit.
My main goal using Bubble was to serve users a dynamic form :

For each kind of project an user can complete, he has to answer different questions.
For example below are 2 possible ways it can go (those are not actual questions, but you can see they may be very different):

What project would you like to do ?
[ ] a game [ ] a website

If the use chose option 1 he will now have to answer like this one :
What kind of game ?
[ ] strategy [ ] management [ ] visual novel

And so on. each question leads to at least 2 answers and each answer leads to one or 0 question. If 0 then the form is over and we can actually display something with all those data.

If the answer lead to another question, we display it, and its associates answers.

Each “path” can have a different number of questions.

What i’ve tried

I managed to display my project list, and the “root question” for each one, refreshing if the input changes.

It then feed another group to show the next question / answer group.

And there, i’m lost. I dont know how i can make this repeat each time it’s needed.
I could obviously copy / paste my block like 10 times and hope i’ll never have more than 10 nodes in the form but that seems cumbersome.

I’ve tried putting a group in a “big” repeating group, but then i can’t figure out how i should create “dependecies”.

I really hope i wont need to make a huge copy / paste with custom state to manage which forms has been updated last, to remove following groups if needed, and add a last node.

If you want an idea of what it might look like you can check
You may not speak french but i think their UI is great enough. They disguised a form into a chat bot. I like the idea. And this is somewhat what i’m trying to reproduce in some way. Style apart, if i could just get a form running i’ll be glad !

If you need any more insight or data or anything that i may have tried just let me know :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone will chime in :slight_smile:

Have a good day, everyone !

I’m working on something similar. Have tried a few things, but I don’t have the solution just yet. I’ll post ideas and possible solutions as I figure things out.

I had a project where I did something similar. It’s not simple and not complex.

In essence it’s a question that has multiple answers that has a relationship to another question


Question > List of answers > Questions

This will be displayed in a repeating group. The answers will define the type for example. The answer can be a free text, options, free number, images and so on…

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