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Multiple selection Form

I’d like to design a form with 10 questions.

I use a RG to display the answers of Questions 1.

How should I do to display the answers of Question 2? Should I create another Data type with those answers? In my case Yes and No.

Or could it be the same Data Type of Question 1 Answers? And somehow I just display the Yes and No. (Not the other answers)

Hope you understand my question. Hard to explain.

Hey @sylvainn :wave:

Thanks for the post and cool idea! There are probably a few ways you could go about this depending on what you plan to do with the answers, if you’re building the ability for users to be able to build their own quizes etc.

What I’ve seen as the most flexible solution is to have a question data type which has a question type option set and then fields that support the various answer types the question might need. For instance, there might be a Boolean field (yes/no), a list of texts field (could optionally support single or multiple selects), and maybe a text field for typed answers.

Once your data type is set up, you’ll simply build your repeating group to display the list of questions and it might have different groups in each cell that show/hide based on the question’s type. For instance, the text input could show for text questions, a dropdown or repeating group that only allows one selection could show for single select, and a dropdown or checkbox could show for the yes/no type.

Building this way gives clean flexibility for you to add / update / remove questions as needed. And, you’d probably build your answers in a similar way. You might have an answer data type and a submission data type that has a list of answers that were given each time the form was submitted.

Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out if we can assist with anything else at [email protected]

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