Add new id for a user id field type

I have a database with a field zeusid as user, when I receive a zeusid same unique id as one of my users, i cant create on new thing


I have tried to use a search but i cant add, it should be as easy as only save, my zeusid from api is “zeusid”: “1704329080765x193685334001896260” that is similar to my userid

my database


The zuesidyou get from the API is a text string.

Your zuesid field in your bubble database has a “user” data type.

Change the “zuesid” type to text so you could save the text string from your API

Hope this helps

Tks, but i want to do a relationship later, is it possible even using the text on zeusid?

What is the zeusID exactly?
Is it the Bubble unique ID of another user from your database? Or is it a unique id given to the user by a third party?

Is a Bubble unique ID of another user on database, the same that will hold this new data

If its another user in your bubble database, you should be able to use a search to find them.

Why did you say that the search does not work?

On the zeusiD field, use “do a search for User (constraint: unique id=request data: zeusid):first item.