Add one unit to a Number type of field

Hello all!
I’m trying to add one unit (1) to a field (type: number) when the workflow is executed but the value changes from zero to 1 but doesn’t go to 2 next time the workflow is executed.

What am I doing wrong in the configuration?

The field “TypeOfUserCoach” is defined as a number.

Is this a Bug?

Can anyone help, please.
Many thanks in advance!!!

You should not do a search for.
Just use This user Type of Usercoach + 1

Hi Jici

I was going to say that I already tried that configuration, but meanwhile I just remembered that the field I was using wasn’t visible in the privacy rules. :sob:

Anyway, many, many thanks for your help and I must say that I adopted your suggestion “Current cell’s User’s…”, it makes sense, and it works fine. :wink:


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