Comparing Two Repeating Groups Without Deleting Data


We trying to create a page that displays two repeating groups side-by-side. Repeating group 1 will simply display data from our database. However, repeating group 2 will start with the same display as repeating group 1, but our intent is to allow users to add/delete items in repeating group 2 (allowing users to compare RG1 with RG2). To that end, how can we have these two RGs side-by-side without deleting any actual data in our database? In case it is helpful, we intend to display sums of each repeating group as well.

Please let me know if any additional information would be helpful.



  1. Create a custom state and set the source of the data for the repeating to this custom state.
  2. On page load, set the value of the custom state to whatever you need in the list
  3. When user clicks “remove item” set value of the custom state to: "Source List’s list :minus item Current Cell

Great - thank you! I will give this a try!

Thanks again for the help!

I was not able to get the remove function working. I am wondering if I have followed the steps correctly? Please see below for the current workflow.

Custom States Discussion

Thanks again!

Sorry I can’t actually read that - the image is too small to make out the detail.

Apologies, does this work better?

Custom States Discussion

Ah, it’s not the RG’s List you want to minus the item from, but rather the custom state’s list.

These things are always easier to demo :stuck_out_tongue: Link here.

Thanks! I will try to replicate!

Thanks a lot! This worked!

One more related question: I have created an input field to add to the RG (using :plus item), but I have not been able to add the input to the RG. To add an item to the RG in the custom state, is it necessary to have all of the fields in the data type included in the corresponding input field?

Custom States - Plus Item


The custom state holds items of a certain “type”, whereas a text input can only provide a text value - the custom state will not recognise it as it is not a “thing” in the database.

In your workflow you have it almost right, just need to do this in your set state value:

…:plus item → Do a Search for → (select the item type of the “source custom state” and search for a field that equals the given text input.)

Emma had the same question recently - check this thread.

Thanks! I think I am pretty close, but I am having trouble with the final “search for a field that equals the given text input” part. The input fields relate to fields that exist in the data type, but they are not exactly the same as any existing data. For example, if the RG consists of fruits, my input would be a new fruit “Strawberry” and corresponding data about the strawberry. I have copied my workflow editor below. I really appreciate your help here!

Custom States - Plus Item (2)