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Add popup to an existing group

I see that default Signup / Login Form is well organized:

everything is organized under parent Group Form:
Group Sign Up
Group Log In
Popup Reset Password

I have tried to follow this very same organization in my version of the sign up/login where I have different state for login and sign up but have run into a problem:

When I am trying to cut the Popup Reset Password and paste into ANY group (most logically I would like to put it in Logged Out group) it just goes into page as a parent.

When I try to put Popup into a group from the scratch, it is possible but not by cutting and pasting/pasting with workflows.

and, on a side note
Is there an easy way to see/change a parent in Bubble?

It is not intuitive now, would be great if I would just change the parents by dragging/dropping elements in Element Tree in whatever way I like. Like it is done in Photoshop.

Hello HappyBuilder, did you find a solution to your questions? I am trying to figure out the same thing. Thanks.

Well, finally I have understood that it is better to avoid reusable, at least for popups. Maybe it was temporary bug I do not know.