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How do I place a pop-up in a group?

I used to be able to place a pop-up within a group or even in a cell of a repeating group, but either I’ve forgotten how to do it or that functionality has been removed.

I want to place a popup within a group on a page for organizational purposes, but when I click and drag from the menu into a group on the page, it always adds it right to the top of the hierarchy no matter what.

Is it possible to add a popup to a group, or do they have to always remain top level?


I do not think a popup can be placed in a group as well as a floating group cannot be placed in a group.

Thanks @williamtisdale!

I was going crazy trying to do that, because I definitely did it before so they must have changed it. I still have some popups within groups in my application and I was banging my head against the wall thinking, I know I’ve done this!

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