Add Product with Prices via Stripe.js

Hi, everyone:

I have been able to add a product through my app into Stripe by using “Stripe.js - Product - Create” action, but the editor does not include any pricing fields. Is there a way to add pricing without logging into Stripe and manually adding in there?

Thank you.

I just found the solution:
1- you need to create a product
2- you need to create a plan and use the product you created to create the plan

I got it work using stripe.js 2 plugin

Step 1:

Step 2

Are you sure that’s the correct action? It looks like interval payments are involved, so isn’t this for products with recurring payments? What about for products with one-time payment?

The alternative I am thinking is to set the prices within my app and make sure Stripe charges those same amounts without setting prices directly in Stripe.

I think if you change it to 0 in interval count, it would work. And also, in create product, choose “good” instead of service for the type.
On my side, it seems to be working. I see the product in Stripe and the price associated with it.

0 is not permitted.

Now that I think about it, I might have to set the price on the frontend of my Bubble app, then do a “Stripe.js - Charge - Create” action when the customer clicks purchase, then create a Stripe token so that Stripe would charge what I stated.

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