Add row button to add two inputs and a dropdown

LISA UUS RIDA+ button needs to add a new row to my table. (pikkus, laius and a dropdown)

How to I achieve that?

I’ve tried some solutions but nothing seems to work and i’m probably way out of my league with this one.

Whatever type of data you are displaying in your repeating group (the list of things), you need your button to create a new thing of that type, and add it to the thing holding the list of things. It should just appear when you click the button as the repeating group will update live with the database.

ok, still clueless :smiley: but thanks anyway!

Can you expound on that? I’m happy to help but let me know which part isn’t clicking and I’ll try to make it more clear.

We all start as beginners, and I was in the same boat 16 months ago with basically the same question.

that red circled button, end user clicks on it and it need to create a new row with pikkus, laius and a dropdown.

right now that repeating group is not even showing in preview, so something is off now…

Ok let’s start there - what is the data source of that repeating group? Is it based on a parent group that it’s no longer part of, or a parent group that the data isn’t getting loaded?

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