Creating a new item

Noob question…

I’ve looked through all the docs and videos and I can’t figure it out. I’m trying to simply create a new item (shape with input fields inside) when an “Add” button is clicked. These would appear one below the other, like in the image. How can I achieve this?

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Have you gone over all the lessons here yet?


So this will have to be a repeating group with input boxes. You’ll have to make sure that you create a row in the table so that data can show up in the repeating group.

To achieve this,

  1. Write a create a new thing workflow on the + icon. This should add a new row in the table and should show up in the repeating group.
  2. Include a save icon/button in the repeating group to save the input into the database. The workflow on this icon/button should be make changes to the parent group/current cell thing.
    (Note: this can also be achieved without a save workflow using auto-binding but that’ll require you to add privacy rules to your database)

Hope this helps.



Thank you so much!

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