Add same product multiple time in the DB automatically depending on a number choosen in the form

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to create a list that displays products.

In the form there is the name of the product and the quantity.

If I put for example “bread” and “3” for the quantity, once the form is validated, I would like that on my page instead of displaying “3 Bread”, it displays 3 lines with the name “bread”.

To do that, I think the form needs to add 3 “bread” elements in the database instead of only once, but how can I do that automatically without having to have 3 “Name” fields in which I should put “bread”?

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I think it possible

basically you need to save first in list state every bread than save it in database when click oke

You only just change input quantity to some button like: Quantity = 0 [ + ] [ - ]
When user click the example [ + ] quantity, addlist state of bread 1 to anything you want
If user add again just plus item in list state
If user press minus just minus item in list state

When user click ok to save in database use list state that created every button quantity pressed

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Thanks for your message.

Actually, it was just an example, I really need to see the complete list like this:


Instead of “Bread 3” + -

The real use case is for a sport training app, I’m saving the number of series, repetitions for each exercise. But on a specific page, instead of seeing “3 series of 10 crunchs” I would like to see this:

10 crunchs
10 crunchs
10 crunchs

To save it in the database, I would just have 3 inputs:
Name (in this example it would be crunchs)
NB Series (it would be 3)
NB Repetitions (it would be 10)

Any idea to achieve this?

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Hi there, @christophea… check out this post (might be worth it to browse through the entire thread)… I think it’s what you are looking for…


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Thanks @mikeloc I’ll try this :slight_smile:

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