Why I cannot add the same number twice to a list of numbers?

Hi everyone, I have been trying to add thru an input the same number (i.e. “1”) more than once to a list of numbers, in order to get something like: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, etc. BUT de debugger says there is nothing wrong on the workflow. Does anyone have an idea why is this happening or how can get around/solve this issue?

I try to avoid creating lists at all costs. Instead, create a separate database table that stores each individual number entry. In the new table, one of the fields should be used to refer back to the original database table you have (that currently has the list of numbers).

Hope that makes sense,

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I think it is stated somewhere in the documentation that list can only contain unique values. That might be why.
You could indeed create a new thing for each number, and store a list of things instead of a list of number, or do as dbevan said

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you set another sate like temp state, value 0,00000000001, then when you add new number, you plus temp state. And new value differ from this value. for ex, i plus this state input by itself plus 0.0000000000001

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While it works, I think this is a dangerous and hard to maintain trick that should be avoided if possible.

You were right… #F**kLists hahaha. Now, serious… it was great advice. Thanks :smiley:

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I learned from experience man. haha

Haha well, bro, let me know if you have more on that advice-bag for this one: How to fix an element to a specific position

Hi @CapiBalid,

I just had a look at this post which you have posted a month ago.

I just bought print pro plugin and I am facing the same issue now which I need to resolve it immediately.

Were you able to solve that issue ? If so, Could you please help me out ?

Any input is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.