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Im adding data to bubble from a external service, the data is being receive as a array with several entries, I need to add each of these entries as a separate row, how can I iterate through each entry in the list I receive on the API?

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Does the service offer webhooks? If so, Add each call to your app individually as a row.

I don’t think it is possible in bubble. If you don’t control the origin of the data, you can use an external proxy service to convert the original request to multiple HTTP requests POST to bubble webhook endpoint. You have to write some codes to achieve that.

You can have the source of your information talking to Zapier webhooks. Zapier will convert the array to multiple http requests call to Bubble.

From Zapier’s website:

"Sending An Array of Objects
The WebHooks by Zapier trigger supports sending more than a single trigger event per webhook request. You can send an array of properly formed JSON objects, and we will trigger the Zap once for each object in the array.

For example, if we POST this payload to a Webhook endpoint:

“first_name”: “Bryan”,
“last_name”: “Helmig”,
“age”: 27
“first_name”: “Mike”,
“last_name”: “Knoop”,
“age”: 28
“first_name”: “Wade”,
“last_name”: “Foster”,
“age”: 29
We will trigger the actions 3 times - once for every object in the array."

More info can be found here:


Thank you for the replies, Im thinking about using the bubble service to collect entries from sensors I have in several places, so the amount of entries can get to hundreds of thousands easily per month, Zapier may get a bit expensive, I would try with building a microservices for this.

Any feedback on how big a table can get? millions of rows maybe?

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Rodrigo F.

I am familiar with I used it before moving to AWS AMAZON Lambda…

Each bubble app has the ability to accept webhooks the same way it happens in

Yes! Every service on is a fully qualified HTTP Webhook endpoint

True but how do you store an array received into the database? I don’t think bubble webhook can do that. With, you can write code to do that. I am not if it is possible to write a plugins in bubble to do the conversion and store the converted data into the database.

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