Sending Multiple Rows of Data from Bubble to Google Sheets

I am trying to setup a Zap to take a full list of data from my Bubble Database and create multiple new rows in Google Sheets. Zapier seems to have a Create Spreadsheet Row(s) option and I have setup my Zap structure, but when setting up my Zap Trigger in Bubble workflow, it doesn’t appear to let me choose a list of data as an option. Am I doing something wrong? Is it even possible to send a list of data through Zapier or would I have to do this another way? If so, how?

So I’ve been working on a Google Sheet with associated scripts that pull records into Google Sheets via the data api directly. You could use this to say import a full table full of data

It’s awesome because it avoids any middleware like Zapier (i.e. another thing to break, has on-going charges and you’re limited by how far they’ve integrated).

I had a couple of issues that I’m almost finished solving, after which I’ll make it available for people to use:

  1. Dealing with pagination from the Bubble Data API as it only pulls down 100 results at a time. I’ve just solved this so it’ll pull down the full database. Basically just keeps pulling results down in batches of 100 until the entire DB is downloaded

  2. Dealing with nested JSON data, which I have saved in some fields in a few of my tables. Although this is probably more of a fringe case as I don’t think a lot of people do that - so this might not matter to you

Long story short - I think what I have in it’s current form would be perfect for you if you just want to pull down a bunch of records in one go vs. going record by record with Zapier.

I had this sitting on gumroad with instructions to replicate the Google sheet and set it all up (takes about 5 mins). But I’ve pulled it down to solve those two issues and will put it up again in the next couple of days once I close out that second issue

But if you’re keen to use it. DM me and I’ll let you know how you can get access to it right away

Here’s my original post on the project as well if you’re interested…

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Sounds awesome. Sadly, I can’t seem to figure out how to “DM” in this Forum…

Just sent you a DM. But so you know for next time just click on the person’s name and click message.