Add timer inside an API workflow

Hi all! Inside an API workflow I make a call to an external API. The thing is that external API waits 30 seconds to send something back as a response, so I need to add a timer of 30 seconds at least after that step before keep going on with the workflow. However, in API workflows I don’t find the “add a pause before next action”. Is there any alternative (e.g. a JavaScript code to wait some seconds)?


I don’t think we can run JS server-side yet in Bubble.

One thought is that you could put the remainder of the workflow in another API Workflow which you then schedule to run 30s+ later. I guess the issue is that you may need to pass data from the first workflow, which you won’t yet have when scheduling the second. The only way I see around that is to save the data you get in response to the database and then use them in the second workflow.

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Hi @louisadekoya! Thanks a lot for the idea! Indeed, I want to pass the data when scheduling the 2nd workflow, but the cool thing is what I pass is a Type in which I save the field I wait to receive from the external API. The thing is, since I pass the object (not the field), on the 2nd workflow I should be able to retrieve the corresponding field 30 seconds later… I think :slight_smile: I’m going to test this! THANKS!

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