Return Data to Api - Timeout

Backend api workflow which only has (2) steps.

Step 1 - Return data to api workflow (Static “ok” text response)

Step 2 - Schedule a api workflow on a list.

Issue? Bubble waits for Step 2 to complete the entire processing before executing Step 1 which is a simple response.

Api calls made to this endpoint keep timing out because the processing of Step 2 can take upwards of 10 minutes.

Anyone know why Bubble ignores Step 1 and waits for Step 2?

I think you should submit a ticket to Bubble. That’s sound strange to me that it’s skip the step 1 to process the step 2 when you are using the Return Data from API action.

What you can try is to instead pass the "Schedule API workflow on a list into another API Workflow. So the first workflow will Step 1 return data from API and Step2 schedule WF (not on a list). The new scheduled WF will process the List.

The data which is being sent to api endpoint is not a data type in bubble, how do you pass all of that incoming data to another workflow and have that new 3rd workflow recognize it

Can you explain more your process? Which APP is sending data to your endpoint, in which format?. Can you handle the format sent by this app…
This may be possible to find a workaround

I have a cloud function setup in pipedream to scrap some data, sending the results off to bubble’s endpoint. Sending it in standard json.

Here’s the idea: If I’m right, in pipedream you can convert your json payload into a “text” . I mean that instead of sending content-type application/json, you send application/text or you use a url parameters and send url form encoded instead.
You create an API call in API connector that will point to the new Backend WF as an action. Initialize the API Call using just a small part of the json payload. (This time, set it to application/json). It should detect the same thing you currently send with Pipedream to your endpoint. Set the body to be the entire parameter/text.

I hope you understand the Idea behind this :wink:
From Pipedream, trigger the backend WF. You will have step 1 return data from API, step 2 Action


Should work in theory, will test it out later tonight and drop a update.

@Bubble hoping you guys can look into why the endpoint is not responding before starting any another step.

Thank @Jici

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