Pause before next action in API Workflow


Is there a way to mark a pause between 2 actions in an API Workflow ?
The option “Mark a pause before next action” is only available on classic workflow.

Thanks !

You can take the second action and put it on a different api workflow and schedule it for the future, delayed by whatever pause you’d like. Or if you just need a slow things down a bit, you can try using the terminate workflow action with a condition that will never evaluate to true.


thanks I will try the first option as I need around 5s delay.
Otherwise is it possible to achieve it by running a javascript? I’m no good at JS.

Oh, apparently I can’t schedule another workflow from here because I am already into one.
I think I can only schedule workflow from the front…

You can schedule one api endpoint from within another, but you can’t schedule an api endpoint from a custom event within api.

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Ok thanks you are right. In my case its really cleaner to user custom events so finding an alternative such as using JS for the delay would be great :blush: