Add to Cal solution?

Hey there,

Anyone have any suggestion for a simple “add to cal” button, simply launches a blank event fr users to save to their calendar?

Nothing complicated like signing into Google etc.

Like this:

Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 18.07.24

AddThis seems like a nice API too

I thought it was a simple ICS file you can create and download, but can’t find a super simple answer

Hey there @pauljamess,

You can accomplish this by making an event in Google Calendar, Outlook, etc then publishing the event live. Once you do that a link will be given to you.

Here’s a Hubspot article that describes it more.

In terms of making the interface for it, you can have a Group Focus, then have groups within that group focus that collapses when you don’t have a link for a specific service.

Does that help?


I know for Google Calendar you can build out the URL to easily do this - here is an example from my Top Shelf Calendar template

I assume Outlook, Apple and Yahoo all have their own URL’s and parameter structures


ICS is trickier and I didn’t fully get into it, but if you find a solution for that let me know

Ahh bingo! this was the super simple solution I was looking for! thanks so much @gf_wolfer and @johnny :slight_smile:

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For anyone else looking to do this, here is a guide to how the URL should be structured:

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Perfect! Glad we were both able to solve this for you so quickly :blush:

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