Add to cart HOw do I do this?

I have displayed a list of Products on My Home Page. With a repeating Group. However How to i add the - Add to cart option and how can i let the user choose multiple amounts of that product. Is there tutorial or link to a page that someone can share with me. So i can learn how to do this.

Hi @thomasmatovu

All you need is to create a new Thing which represents the users Shopping Cart Items. Fields: Product, quantity. Then:

  • include an input element for the quantity in your Products repeating group
  • include a button to “add to cart”
  • when that button clicked, workflow: create new Shopping Cart Item. Product = current cells product, quantity = input’s value

Then when you display the shopping cart it’s just an RG of those shopping cart items


Hello Rob. Thank you so much for your response. It was very helpful.

Now that I have displayed the cart in a Repeating group how can i get a grand total of the listed items? ??

Ideally, a ‘Check Out’ Process

Unfortunately there’s no native way to sum up a repeating group… a seemingly odd shortcoming that will hopefully be addressed soon. There are some previous threads dealing with this topic. As I see it you can either

  1. Hack together a solution using the List Shifter plugin (I demo this here) - this iterates over each line in the RG.
  2. Use the “Repeating Group Tools” plugin from BDK makes it a bit simpler (extracts the price and quantity).
  3. I believe the free Orchestra plugin has the ability to do this too but I haven’t explored how to implement it.

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