*How to make a shopping cart with + and - buttons for each product

If you have the solution PM me and lets jump on zoom, We will remote you into our app to fix / assist. (also please use an authorized way to accept payment such as paypal, stripe, etc so we aren’t verbally giving you credit card information and look shady lol)

We have a repeating group that is a list of roughly 100 products. The products are (filtered) by the product’s (category), in which the categories datatype is saved as a (text) field. When you push a button, it filters the entire repeating group to show that category.

Simple enough…Works perfect… Here’s the challenge.

Within the repeating group there is a + and a - sign to add and subtract a product’s quantity…Which also works fine…However…

Whenever we change the repeating groups “Category” from hitting the new button… a new list pops up with the new products… and the same item amounts appear from the previous list. (We are using a custom state inside of an input that is set as a number field so when + is hits it adds +1 to the input and vise-vera for the -.

We need an efficient solution for this to save the items to the database without changing the actual data of the items stored as a shopping cart because multiple users will be using the same cart. (So changing the data itself in the repeating groups using the -/+ to make changes to the item as a workflow will also change the data in real time for other users using the cart so that won’t work)

Email us - [email protected]

We will respond very quick. If your solution is efficient and not “jerry rigged” , will we also pay you another $100 per solution. And we have about 15 more challenges to help with =D So if you can solve them all in 4 hours, there you go. Cheers.

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Try a single custom state (list), ‘Cart’ with type as your Item Thing. Each time an item is +’d then add it to the list, and -‘d then remove from list.

Use a :count to populate the initial value for each text / input field within each cell.

*** scratch this - @addison1 can you make a screenshare video walking through the problem on your end? This might be an easier one to show than to explain via text

I will post images one sec

The problem is your custom state is associated with the repeating group cell and not the actual product that is in the cell at the time the numbers are first created using the plus and minus icons.

Getting it solved properly would take 2 or 3 hours to get everything set up and tested.

The solution is to have a database restructure and totally do away with the states. Create on the user a datatype named cart and contains information about the product and the number. Front-end operation may involve deleting the item from the cart when number=0.

Due to you current structure it will take time to redesign.

Its not letting me upload the mp4 hmm

youtube then share the link

We have that complete already ^^

We actually have the database built in the kind of way you would walk into a a store to purchase groceries as a devloper to a customer =D

I can send a tutorial to help with this if you like.

If anything we have way over built options almost any option you need to work with is built, its just figuring this glitch out. Were trying to upload a video but bubble isnt taking mp4 or mov format

Try using Loom to record


Over the last week we have paid for services from 2 other agencies that were having issues with it too so were reaching out to the community. If you actually have a solution email so you can get the money, we literally want to pay you for help we dont need it for free.

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Yeah, I’d suggest posting a youtube link of the video or using loom like someone else suggested here. Don’t exactly see what you’re talking about from the screenshots - I see 1 door handle was added in the first picture but nothing carried over to the other?

Halo 2 for Xbox was one of the best games ever btw :wink:

Yes it was =D Sorry for the delayed response we are communicating with a people willing to take our money =D People are so nice on here, We have to insist on people taking money to do things which is kind of weird lol. I think if they knew us in real life, they would prob gladly take our money knowing we are a group of crazy business guys that would gladly take theirs lol.

We recently took another company public, and have only been on here a few months to make an app prototype as a support for a company, and are coming to realize that when you need help , and money can’t by solutions, then somethings wrong with the system because time = money which is scary when you need to get stuff done especially on a proprietary system. Were not devs, were just business guys that are computer illiterate lol.


@addison1 The best thing actually for you I think would be to use the Bubble Coaching. Coaching | Bubble
It’s hard to get into a project when you don’t know it and you don’t have enough information to know how much time it will take.You offer a specific amount of money but what if what you think should take 15 min take 5hours?
I think this is why many people tried to just give you some hint here to do it yourself or request video to have a better idea of the issue.

Oh well screw it ^