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Adding inputs in repeating groups

Finally got the inputs and everything working correctly, and have a solid start on the invoicing part of our app.

So, what happens is when I click a button for a product a person has, a workflow updates the database associated with that product, and adds one to a field called ‘quantity’ for the quantity of this item in this order. This input is the one on the left most in the picture in each repeating group line. Then the input on the right is set to take the quantity in the database and multiple it by the price for that item, which is also saved in the data base. This input is the total value of all the products of that type. See picture below for how it looks/works:

Now, all these numbers are in a repeating group, so that as I add items to the order, that group will search for anything with quantity > 0 and display only those items.

Now, I want the input all the way at the bottom to add all the right hand values to get the order total.

That right hand input is titled ‘input line total’ as shown:

The problem is that I can not seem to find this input as a selection when searching for dynamic data as shown below:

Is there a simple way to add all of these together?

Or will I have to create another field in the ‘orders’ database table, set a work flow to edit it, then get the input to simply add everything in that new field?

Thank you!!

Have a play with “Calculate formula”, “Calculate SumProduct”. It is a little odd, as in it requires two lists of numbers as input. See if you can figure out how to represent the list of orders as two lists, one of quantity, one of price.

My understanding though is that I would still need to create a field in our database to save the info to for this, right?

Because the SUMPRODUCT only has 2 lines, and I don’t see away to add extra. It is very likely we will have more than 2 lines/items.

It has two lists. Each list has one component of all the lines. From your example:

List1: 5, 2, 1, 4
List2: 15, 6, 3, 10

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