Adding 3 or more y-axis ID into a multiline chart


I need a few y-axis ID, like in the screenshot.
How can I implement this in Bubble? On Chart JS for example.

I create a lot of charts and graphs in my projects. What I have done successfully is to get away from the idea that I need to create everything in one chart at one time. Sure that’s great if I can do it, but sometimes the functionality just isn’t there to display everything I want to show.

Instead, for complex charts like this, I simply create several charts of the exact same size, also using the same X and Y axis units if necessary, but layer them up like transparent photoshop layers and test their positioning so that their graphs align correctly with the one below it.

I’ve used this technique quite well to create complex bars over area over lines and more. Just make the subsequent charts have an invisible background, invisible legends and so forth, you can basically just stack them up over each other like layers of glass.

Let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:


Den, thank you very much!

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