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How do I stop/hide the icon spinning after a few seconds

I’ve found that you can insert an icon and have it spin. That’s useful for a ‘loading timer’ effect. I’ve added a spinning icon when a specific button is clicked. However, I’d like it to hide the icon after a few seconds. There’s lots of conditional options but can’t find the one I need. Anyone know how do I do this? Thanks!

I cracked it: You need to create two actions with a pause in between using the “Add a pause before next action” step in the workflow editor. Can’t believe how long it took me to figure this out! Sigh.


For anyone else reading this!!! The proper way to do this is to set a state within the workflow.

For example, a custom state called “processing” type yes/no. The workflow changes this state to “yes” at the beginning and then to “no” at the end.

Then you place 2 conditionals on the icon. When “processing” state is “yes” this icon is visible when “processing” state is “yes” make this icon rotate.