Adding a NOSCRIPT section

Is there a clean way in a Bubble app to add <noscript>...</noscript> tags to the body of the HTML document? By default the app shows a blank white screen when JavaScript is disabled, and I’d like to display a message. I could do it in a hacky way by showing the message by default and hiding it with JavaScript, but then you get the FOUC, and there’s noscript tags especially for this purpose.

The issue seems to be that Bubble is blacklisting the “noscript” tag when you include them in a HTML snippet - it gets transformed into a span. I guessed this was to prevent XSS attacks, so instead I tried to put it in the “Page HTML Header” section (which is not valid XHTML, but is allowed for regular HTML). But it also transformed into a span there.

Is there a plugin or a clean way to add noscript?


Anyone have any luck on this front?