Ghost Text Haunts Me After Deletion

I’m stumped:

After deciding to take my app in a new direction, I cleaned out the database and made a new page. One of the data fields I deleted contained a bunch of javascript.

Now, when I go to Preview my new page, that old javascript appears, in text form, like some kind of restless spirit – above the header and body of my page.

Here’s the new page in the editor: almost nothing on it.

Here’s the same page in Preview: where on earth is all that text coming from?

Link to Preview of Page:

Any ideas much appreciated!

Link to the editor?

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Check your page headers and SEO/metatags sections for stray html?
Don’t see why else this should happen!

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Head slap - solved. Thanks for your quick responses!

I had checked each individual element for html and SEO tags and found nothing. What I didn’t do is look at the SEO/Metatags tab under settings – sure enough, that code had somehow been pasted into the ‘Script/Metatags in Header’ field.

Thanks again.

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Ahh… a classic case of ghosting

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