Adding a pay wall to certain features

hi i have been loving what is possible with bubble,

so i want to be able to give people a short term access such as a 7 day trial to a page of my website, is it possible to add this to users who sign up to get the free trail to remove it automatically when the 7 days are up, its seems quite complicated any help would

i have setup stripe to connect to the monthly payment my issue is setting up a free trial for email subscribers

many thanks

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You could have a date field on the User which stores the Free Trial Expiry date. When you sign up the user, update the field to current datetime + days (7)
You can add a workflow on your pages that triggers when a condition is true. The condition would be current datetime > current user Free Trial Expiry and current user's free trial expiry is not empty
This workflow would show a paywall popup which cannot be escaped away from, asking the user to upgrade their plan.
If users upgrade their plan, you would just set the Free trial expiry date to empty.

Paywalls are not very safe, Users can hide the popups if they know their way around dev tools.
I would recommend adding conditions on your main workflows which only allow the WF to run if the user’s free trial is not expired.

I would also add that you can use privacy rules together with workflows to ensure that data is truly hidden from the user.

thank you very much for the help nico

thank you also bruno