How to setup a paywall?

I want that the user should be redirected to the pricing page when their trial period of 14 days expires.

I have created a Expiration date field in User data type which is Current date/time + (days):14 and this is saved in the sign up flow. In the login flow, I have created a condition which navigates to the pricing page if the Current user’s expiration date < Current date time otherwise it navigates to the homepage. This is working fine.

I am having trouble with setting up a condition on all the pages that when they load, it should be checked if the user is in the trial period or not as I don’t logout the users.

Screenshot (178)

This is how I have set it up but it navigates to the pricing page even when the trial period has not expired. What am I doing wrong?

I did this on one of my templates. Basically when someone signs up I add an end date table inside the data type User.

Use this end date to calculate the days. And it should be => Current date and time

To put in all pages easily put the workflow in a reusable element like the header/footer.