How To Build a Free Trial?

Hi all,

I am using the Stripe plugin for a free trial at the moment, but I do not want people to have to enter their CC data to get into my app.

How can I create a internal timer that essentially says when the current users creation date was 7 days ago, their status changes to free trial over and then prompt certain actions with a pricing plan popup?

I can build the pricing plan popups and activate those when a certain data field is active, but I cant figure out the free trial or timer part that gives the user access for 7 days before making a change to the current user?

Any ideas?


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Hey there
It occurs me (don’t tested, but should work).

So create a field on user like Trial and set it on number. By default 0.

When page loads you can check if the current user is in a trial or not.
So you should take creation date + days 7 < current date and Current user trial is 0 --> That means the current user passed the 7 days of the trial and his trial is 0 (stills on trial) that means dont upgraded -> Do actions (like show pop-up or re-direct him to a page or whatever)

When user makes a payment you can make change’s to user and set his trial to 1. That will do the entire last process don’t affect to paid users.

As i said dont tested but should work :wink:


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A similar but maybe simpler approach is to save a trial end date to the user when they sign up:

Sign up user:
Trial end date = current date/time + 15 days (or whatever your period is)

Then have an event for “do when condition is true only when current user’s trial end date < current date/time” … Show a pop-up they can’t close or navigate to a subscription page.

Basically, what @yusaney1 and I are suggesting is to save some value to the user during signup that you can check upon page load.

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Yeah! i was repling to this post, and another. Sometimes you get the idea of ​​how to do it, but after a while you come up with a brighter idea. So basically its the same, but i get the point of @romanmg on creation user you can also set the expiration day and after on load page check if that moment is expiration day.

Also dont forget to add something like i told you for paid users dont have to see pop-up (or whatever you do in the actions)

With a Trial number or something that will be different for paid users. Like 0 for trial and 1 for paid.

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awesome thank you!

Perfect thanks a lot for explaining that, ill get to work

I was also facing the same issue, and didn’t wanted to configure it with stripe. Thanks for this :slight_smile:

It is well since my app has not yet fanction this why I learn much