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Dear Bubblers,

My payment provider gives an embeddable HTML button. It was working fine on my Bubble app till recently, but now it DOES NOT SHOW. If i embed in an iFrame, it shows, but that is not what i want. How do i get it to work? I have attached a screenshot (I have hovered over where the button should be). Strange part - IT WORKED FINE UNTIL RECENTLY.


Without iFrame - not showing

with iFrame - showing

This has become a bit of a critical matter. Can anyone please help me? I’ve tried everything - included the script tag in the page html header, moved the script tag in front of the <“a>” tag, etc. Nothing seems to work. I can’t have it in an iframe. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

This is the format of the HTML code:

<'a href=“” rel=“im-checkout” data-behaviour=“remote” data-style=“flat” data-text=“Buy Now”>

Please note: it suddenly stopped working a month ago. It used to work fine till then, And it still shows in an iFrame, but not without the iFrame


I feel your pain I bumped against this a couple times as well with javascript in an html element–only works as iframe. Sorry to say, I can’t offer a solution, only confirm that I faced the same challenge. I just make do with the iframe for now.

I had never used it before, so I was reluctant to submit as a bug, bug perhaps since it worked for you historically, you could submit for resolution?


Hi Ken,

Thank you so much for that information. I think I’ll go ahead and submit/report a bug. Let’s hope they help us figure it out!


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