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Adding a watermark to a pdf

Dear Bubble community,

I am currently adding the possibility for users to view PDFs that have been uploaded in the database, using PDF Viewer. Here is how it looks like for users:

However, given I will be sharing confidential information to users through this process, I would like to add a watermark (i.e., text in the pdf, for example in the background), depending on the name of the user, that is also stored in the database.

Could anyone provide more insights on how to proceed? Should I use PDF Conjurer and, if yes, could anyone explain the steps?

Thank you in advance,

PDF Conjurer has a feature to add watermark, which is an element in the background, however PDF Conjurer has no ability to edit existing PDF’s.

I know that some bubblers resorted to converting the existing PDF to image, adding that image to the new PDF in PDF Conjurer as a background and then writing on top of it by adding any element you desire. Maybe this will help you!

Thank you for your answer! I have been trying to work on the issue but there are a few things I don’t understand, even after spending some time reading the other large thread:

  • Do you know an efficient (free if possible) PDF to jpg converter?
  • Let’s say I have converted my 30 pages-long PDF, I have some troubles adding several images in the PDF generated by PDF Conjurer, and I would like to avoid addind 30 “Insert Image to PDFModel A” if possible :grin: Is there a way to circumvent the issue?

Thanks again for your help!