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PDF Conjurer Backend Workflow Retrieve File in Same Workflow

Hello :wave:

Has anyone figured out a way to retrieve the File in the backend workflows in the same step using the PDF Conjurer plugin?

I see that there is a step called ‘Upload PDF’ in which it triggers a different backend workflow to save the file. I have done this successfully.

However, what I am trying to do is convert the Conjured content to an actual PDF file in the same workflow step.

What type of content is the Conjure PDF content actually creating? I thought maybe it was something that I needed to decode from base64.

Anyone have experience with this? @vini_brito Maybe you can answer since you created it. :blush:

I would post the content but it is huge. Here is a screenshot of a part of the content. Anyone know what it is or how to convert it without sending it to another backend workflow?

Let me know. Thanks! :blush:

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Hi Jason! The doc is confusing when it comes to that part, but in short you need to create a file upload API workflow and send that big text to that workflow.

First create the upload API workflow, make it look like this:

After you do that, use the “Upload PDF” workflow action, like this:

Upload PDF

Use this action to upload the resulting PDF via a back-end workflow. Keep in mind that you need an API workflow that receives a file type field. This action returns the uploaded file URL.

  1. Upload file URL: The URL of your API Workflow that uploads the file to the Bubble server (see below for more details).

  2. File input name: The input name that receive the file (file type) in you API Workflow.

  3. File name: The result of the action “Conjure PDF” File name.

  4. Content: The result of the action “Conjure PDF” Content.

  5. Authentication: In the case the upload API Workflow needs an authorization token (the API key or a token provided by a authentication API Workflow)


And this is what I have for docs currently. If you end up having some spare time, consider adding some input to this to help future readers :yum:

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Let me give it a shot.

That worked! Thanks. :blush:

I didn’t realize that the ‘Upload PDF’ workflow would actually return the PDF for me. Really nice plugin. Super helpful once I was able to figure out how to use it.


Hi @J805

I can’t make it work could you show me your exact workflow ?


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Same there. I’m really stuck with that

This website explain everything you should read it